I was working during a night shift. It was mostly quiet. It was time for the rounds, and as usual I were to visit “problematic patients” and ask the nurses on each floor if they had something new to report. It was indeed quiet, scary quiet; I felt as if I were the main actress […]

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sfor: A Hairdresser’s Tale

My hairdresser’s name is Stefanie. Raised in Berlin, she decided 3 and 1/2 months ago to follow the man she loves in Switzerland. Hence, she moved to Basel, leaving loved ones back, and began work. I had met her in August for a haircut. We started talking about our lives, we shared not only the […]

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Day in and day out we play the “pause” game. In the clinic we “pause” medications and sometimes we stop them. When the day is just overwhelming, you just pause to wonder or to take a breath -or  you simply go on holidays. When you suddenly wanna pee, you just pause the movie you have been […]

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Ugh… Doors! Do not even get me started! I have always had trouble with doors. Some of them are really simple and open up just like that. Others are more complicated, need special ways or tricks, have more than one mechanism. Some are harder to open, others harder to close. The most intriguing of doors […]

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Ever since I can remember my mom has been collecting small coins 1, 2, 5,10, 50 cents, 1 and 2 euros – anywhere really… Plus she has been “accidentally” finding money in old bags  for such a long time. Personally, l am not a big bag fan but l realised that now I tend to […]

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I entered the room. A lot of people, hustle and bustle. They were his loving relatives. I asked them kindly to go out because I had to examine the patient. So they did. “You are very popular, Mr. X”, I said smiling. All of a sudden he broke out in tears. I started worrying… “Is […]

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Fun fact: not only does formal polite language, but also formal attire increase our abstract thinking. Why is that even important? Well, abstract thinking helps the pursuit of long-term versus short-term goals, helps you see the big picture. That is, if you go to the mall, for example, dressed up in a suit you are […]

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