Fun fact: not only does formal polite language, but also formal attire increase our abstract thinking.

Why is that even important? Well, abstract thinking helps the pursuit of long-term versus short-term goals, helps you see the big picture. That is, if you go to the mall, for example, dressed up in a suit you are more likely not to spend anything and save up for something bigger -or even better, make purchases based on your long-term dreams. Hello, better decision-making!

Once I came across this tiny bit of info, I have been embracing the magic of formal attire. Yeah, well, I have never been a jeans-person, so wearing formal and comfortable clothing felt more up my alley.

And people do see you in a different eye: they use a more polite and friendlier tone, are more helpful, do not undermine you as much, listen to  and respect your opinion, and ask quality questions -especially at work (which means you have to strive to stay up-to-date and on your toes in order to share reliable info). Even you find yourself asking better questions and getting better answers!

Plus, I mean, come on… When was the last time you saw a man or a woman in formal clothing and your eyes didn’t pop out cause they looked so daaaamn hot? For some, it can boost up their confidence and, for others, a promotion may be faster, well on the way.

So, now, use formal attire carefully and to your advantage. Maybe if you want to lose weight, go shopping in a suit and see what that buys you -or not. Maybe if you are thinking of traveling, go to a travel agency in formal clothes and see what kind of inside info or bargains you can get. Maybe if you want to be a bit more appreciated, suit up. And reconsider if you just want a chilled and fun day 😉

Clothing and appearance have a power of its own, so dress accordingly to what you want to attract.


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