Ever since I can remember my mom has been collecting small coins 1, 2, 5,10, 50 cents, 1 and 2 euros – anywhere really… Plus she has been “accidentally” finding money in old bags  for such a long time.

Personally, l am not a big bag fan but l realised that now I tend to rather select small coins, especially the 1-cent ones and carry them with me wherever I go. I like to think of them as my good luck charms. Even if you have 1 cent on you, you can still turn things around to suit you as you like. Moreover, this helps me thinking positive. In my mind, the 1 cent is luck or good fortune or whatever you wanna call it. Yet, I do not collect all 1-cents. lf the bill somewhere turns out to be 12.99, for example, I will keep it, or if I’ve had a good day already, I’ll offer it back to the cashiers with a wink and say ”This is for your luck”. I even give it to friends to cheer them up by explaining the story behind, especially in cases when they are having problems staying optimistic 🙂

Ever since I collect these little buggers, I’ve been actually finding more money on the street! Who? Me…! The person who was never “lucky”. I guess it depends on how you choose to see it, right? I firmly believe that the “1-cent way of thinking” was an important turning point for me.

Until now I have selected 10 of them. You are probably thinking, “Wow! 10 cents! What a fortune…!”, in your sarcastic little tone. But for me they are a special fortune, the greatest of all!


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