Ugh… Doors! Do not even get me started!

I have always had trouble with doors. Some of them are really simple and open up just like that.

Others are more complicated, need special ways or tricks, have more than one mechanism.

Some are harder to open, others harder to close.

The most intriguing of doors though are the ones that were never meant to be opened, the prohibited ones, or the ones that have never been opened; yet, your curiosity urges you to just take a tiny pick… And you repeat to yourself “I’ll just take a pick… Won’t take long… Nobody will know anyways”.

And you enter through the door. The thing about these doors is that you never know what is in store. Once you enter you may get fascinated or scared, you may be excited or afraid. What happens if the door closes behind you? What if you are stuck there forever? What if you cannot find another door or another way out? On the other hand, what if with time you fall in love with what you see and find through the door? Would you want to share your discovery or keep it to yourself?

By now I hope you understand that this small article is more than just doors…


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