sfor: A Hairdresser’s Tale

My hairdresser’s name is Stefanie. Raised in Berlin, she decided 3 and 1/2 months ago to follow the man she loves in Switzerland. Hence, she moved to Basel, leaving loved ones back, and began work. I had met her in August for a haircut. We started talking about our lives, we shared not only the superficial stuff but also got to talk about more personal experiences.

Today we had another appointment. So we started talking about our plans of the day, you know to warm up the convo :). She had mentioned that her partner was preparing a surprise for her today. I had noticed some kind of anxiety- or unease rather- on her face. “Maybe”, I thought, “I am the only one thinking that surprises are fun.”

I had not paid much attention to the rest. I was just relaxing, enjoying the head treatment ^^. As we were talking about new styles and hair colors, the door opens. A shy, trembling voice said “Hello” in the background. I looked at the mirror. Stefanie was stunned. She just dropped everything, said “I am sorry, I need a minute.” As she was walking towards the person standing at the door, she broke out in tears. My eyes followed the scene through the mirror. She hugged the person, and together they laughed and cried.

A couple of minutes later she came back, still speachless. Her hands were trembling. My curiosity was killing me, she could read it on my face.

“That was my best friend from Berlin. I cannot believe it… He said he had a surprise… That is why I love him!”

By that time I could not hold back the tears and got emotional as well, crying for the happiness she has in her life. I am so grateful that I could share that moment of love in the salon.

As we were almost done, with a disappointed  Sherlock Holme’s face, she goes again: “That’s why he wanted me to set the clock at 8 today!”


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