About 50% of couples in the US get a divorce. Yet studies show that the healthiest people in the world are the ones that are single, and the married ones live the longest. That is scary… and confusing… That is scary for anyone who has been or is single or in a long-term relationship, for […]

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As I was coming from work some time ago, I noticed my neighbour tying up his shoelaces, getting ready for a run. I was like: “Nice man!”, and then something had clicked: “I miss the treadmill!” I guess it is that time of the year, right? When we all just realise after 6 months into […]

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sfordecisionmaking habits

One of the people that takes important decisions most of his day is President Barack Obama. In a “Vanity Fair” article in 2012, Michael Lewis mentions some of the president’s habits for better decision-making. You are probably thinking, “old news”, but just because it is old does not make it of any less significance. So […]

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sfordecisionmaking how

How?  How do we decide what we decide? I feel that some of my everyday decisions are based on habits or automatisation. These “decisions” are made without me even realising it, making me actually doubt if I should even call them decisions anymore… To me a real decision should ultimately take more energy and focus […]

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sfordecisionmaking why

Αποφασίζω (decide, translated into Greek) = (α) πό (χωρισμός, απόσταση, distance from) + φαίνω (φωτίζω, light up, present), to distance yourself from other possibilities in order to light up, show the way you commit to go on. Decidere (decide, latin roots) = de (from, off) + caedere (to cut), to cut yourself off from other possibilities […]

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Decisions, decisions, decisions… Some tough, others easier, some made, others to be thought of, some to be acted upon, some to… Decision-making: it is everywhere and is possible at any time. A person at work or home does it, a person without work or home does it. From how you are dressing up to who you want […]

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Approximately a month ago, an amazing man noticed that my vocabulary for food was not appropriate. I cannot remember what kind of food it was exactly but I am sure it was something made out of sugar. In my mind, I see sugar as being one of the silent killers in the 21st century -amongst […]

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